Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yet more readings!

Must be the pulse-quickening crispness in the air, but the action has been furious here lately. Since last we spoke, AuthorsAloud has added four new voices, from literary talents both new and experienced. First of the four was young Zach Wells, a poet who brings us pungent impressions of working life in Canada's north. The vivacious short-story writer Heather Birrell gives us a taste of her mysterious new work, the Journey Prize-nominated "BriannaSusanaAlana", a snippet that definitely leaves us wanting more. A true friend of AuthorsAloud, the seriously talented Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, shares an evocative and melancholy passage from her powerful novel, The Nettle Spinner. And the veteran poet and multifaceted literary force George Murray, lays on us a taste of the word-rush from his new, untitled collection, coming this spring.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Climbing the search ladder

Search engine indexing takes time, we're told. This is why Google has been so slow in adding AuthorsAloud to its search results. But other search engines aren't so plodding. In fact, when the keywords "Canadian authors audio readings" were entered into MSN Search on Sept. 22, AuthorsAloud came up No. 1 out of 53,197 results. That deserves an exclamation mark I think — ! ... After widening the search to simply "Canadian authors readings," AuthorsAloud was still a top-five result, out of nearly 169,000 listings.

Over at Yahoo, where a search for "Canadian authors audio readings" produced 199,000 results, AuthorsAloud was at No. 6. (Again — ! ) Widen the search to "Canadian authors readings," and the results balloon to almost one million — and AuthorsAloud is in the top 20! And, in the case of both searches, AuthorsAloud is the only top-rated site dedicated to recorded readings by Canadian authors.

Results may vary from day to day, but this should be very encouraging for anyone who has already contributed a reading to AuthorsAloud or intends to. It's clear that after less than two months, two important search engines already recognize AuthorsAloud as the place to go to hear Canadian authors reading from their work.

We'll let you know when Google joins the party.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Come on in, right through here!

The growth of AuthorsAloud has necessitated some structural changes to the readings section of the site. That means if you've bookmarked the readings page and try to enter the site that way, you'll find the page missing.

So come in through the front door — the main url of AuthorsAloud. You're always welcome, and we've made it worth your while by making sure there's more to see here than before!

Friday, September 15, 2006

More readings

Three new readings have been added to AuthorsAloud in recent days. British Columbia's Holley Rubinsky has added her voice — a melancholy reading from Beyond This Point, the story of what happens to five women during one hot summer in the Judith Lake Valley. Toronto's Richard Scarsbrook reads from his story collection Destiny's Telescope, doing his impression of a 12-year-old girl relating some disturbing memories. And Jonathan Bennett, far from his Australian home and now living in Peterborough, offers a taste of life among the Verandah People. So head to the Readings section — now expanded to two pages, to accommodate the new and coming growth — and check them out.