Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Windley, MacPherson and the AGM

Two new submissions take AuthorsAloud to 60 readings, a significant milestone for a literary project that was merely an idea less than a year ago. In these latest arrivals, Andrea MacPherson offers a scene from her second novel, Beyond the Blue, set in First World War Scotland, and Carol Windley reads from her Giller Prize nominated story collection, Home Schooling. Thanks to writer (and friend of AuthorsAloud) Holley Rubinsky of Kootenay Coop Radio, for the recordings.

The first weekend in June I'll be attending the annual general meeting of the Writers' Union of Canada, being held this year in Vancouver. It's my plan to come back loaded with new readings, which you'll be able to enjoy in the coming weeks. And don't forget that, coming very soon, AuthorsAloud will be offering a new feature in its readings sections. More on that later.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beauchemin and Preston

The two latest readings on AuthorsAloud come from very different writers, although they happen to focus on a similar subject: womanly passion.

Racheal Preston, a Hamilton writer (soon to be moving to the west coast, lucky Racheal) sat down in her dining room and served up a rather steamy passage from her second novel, The Wind Seller.

Quebec's hugely popular Yves Beauchemin, meanwhile, offers a reading from The Years of Fire that features a young woman in the throes of a more chaste kind of desire. (Thanks to Susan Johnston from CKCU for the recording.)

And stay tuned for more interesting developments from AuthorsAloud — a new feature I think you'll enjoy.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Our recent additions

In case you've missed the last stream of recordings into AuthorsAloud, this will catch you up:

Anne Stone gave us a rather eerie reading from her novel, Delible.

Kristen den Hartog read a delicate scene from her acclaimed novel, Origin of Haloes.

Dani Couture gave us poems from her debut, Good Meat, as well as a moving tribute to a recently passed friend.

Matthew Tierney read from his collection of poems, Full Speed Through the Morning Dark.

And most recently, Steve McOrmond offered up a reading of poems recorded during that favorite literary landmark of ours, the Winnipeg International Authors Festival.

Enjoy, and of course ... stay tuned for more.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Trouble reaching us?

If you've recently sent a query to authorsaloud.com through the contact page and heard nothing back, there's a reason. Our contact page went kerpleewy, but failed to notify us of the fact. So, if you've been waiting and wondering what's up, my apologies.

I am told by the good people at Webserve, the Vancouver company that hosts this site, that the problem has been rectified. But in the immediate future I'm not going to take any chances with contact forms. Now, clicking on "contact us" in the menu will now take you to a page with an old-fashioned email link. You can use that to reach AuthorsAloud any time.


Friday, May 4, 2007

More readings on the way

You wanted more readings? You got it. After a brief lull in the proceedings, while we beat the big hairy deadline gorilla off our back, we now have a whole new spate of authors coming up.

First is poet Matthew Tierney with a very confident reading from his 2004 collection, Full Speed Through the Morning Dark, which takes us along on Tierney's journey aboard the Trans-Mongolian Express.

In the days following, we'll post new readings from Kristen den Hartog, Anne Stone, Racheal Preston, Jennifer McCartney and more.

So keep coming back...