Thursday, June 7, 2007

Added Insight

Today marks the launch of a new feature at AuthorsAloud: Insight. In addition to readings from their works of literary fiction and poetry, which is the mainstay of this site, many new contributors to AuthorsAloud will now offer a second recording, providing a moment of unscripted comment about their writing. So while the "reading" on each author's page will let you hear the prose or poetry that constitutes the writer's art, read the way the writer intended, in the "insight" recording, you'll also hear something of the thought or struggle that went into creating that work.

And these recorded insights aren't restricted to new contributors. Writers who have already provided AuthorsAloud with readings of their work will have the opportunity to add insights as well, giving readers a new reason to go back, listen to the work again and perhaps discover something new.

How will you know that an author has added an "insight"? That's easy. Just go to the At A Glance pages. Each of the authors who have contributed a recorded comment about their work will have their pictures marked with an identifying symbol, as in this example:

It's no coincidence that I've used Jennifer McCartney's image here. She's the first new author to contribute an insight recording, in which she talks about the genesis of her debut novel, Afloat. As more insights are added, I'll let you know.


June 17 Update: Claire Cameron has contributed a Reading and a revealing Insight for her new novel The Line Painter. Go have a listen.

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