Saturday, July 14, 2007

The hidden How and Why of Elvis

This week Robert Priest, the poet and performer whose verse the Toronto Star called "passionate, cocky, alternately adoring and insulting" gives us a speculative elegy, a terrific prose poem about Elvis that he calls "The Presley Twins." For four lovely minutes Robert proves himself as adept at the mic as at the keyboard. Give it a listen.

I also want to draw your attention, in case you missed it, to a gorgeous ode to the power of literature penned by the wonderfully literate film reviewer Rick Groen and published July 14 in the Globe and Mail. That this eloquent defense of fiction is written by a movie guy doesn't make its truth more true, but it does make it more satisfying.


Update (July 23): Robert Priest has added an Insight to his reading page, with thoughts on the importance of keeping busy as a writer, and on the genesis of "The Presley Twins." It's very much worth a listen. And for anyone who tried to listen to Robert's poem the first few days it was up and encountered an error message, that was due to a brain glitch on my part; it's fixed now.


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