Sunday, July 29, 2007

The otherworldly energy of Wendy Morton

At first I didn't know what to make of Wendy Morton. The grandmotherly form really didn't jibe with the private eye alter ego, or the self-marketeer who seeks out corporate sponsorships for her poetry. Then I met her in person and realized Morton is equipped with a whole extra gear that most of us never engage, and it takes her places few would think to go. You might get a sense of that from the title of her memoir, Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast, or when you listen to the insight she recorded for AuthorsAloud, which dips into the dark and slightly X-rated world of her job as a private investigator. But it all comes down to the poetry, and what you'll take from her reading, I believe, is that she's a committed artist who deserves to be taken very seriously. Go listen.


Vicky Austin said...

What a treat to hear Wendy read her poems on Authors Aloud and listen to her insight on the poetry/PI connection! Patrick Lane is spot on when he writes that her poetry "embraces both humour and grief with equal grace".
Wendy always moves and inspires me -- I laugh, I cry, I absorb the perfection of her words and marvel at the generous spirit with which she views the world.

Anonymous said...

It's not so easy to slap a category over Wendy Morton's poetry, or, for that matter, over the poet herself. There are the grainy lines of anguish, the hippity-hop hilarity of stumbled-up-on humor, the wry, dry-eyed, even gimlet-eyed gaze of the seasoned investigator. Be that as it may, she remains personally and in her poems, so warmly human, so brimming with compassion, that jamming her voice into a category just ends up seeming irrelevant, maybe damaging. Best course of action: read her books, listen to her read, and relax.