Sunday, October 7, 2007

We're on iTunes !

I'm proud to say the AuthorsAloud Podcast is on the air, and you can find it on iTunes. The podcast is one more way we're trying to help promote Canada's literary writers, and so every week, we'll be producing a new AuthorsAloud podcast episode featuring one of the fiction or poetry readings from the AuthorsAloud collection.

We want to open this opportunity up to as many authors as we can, so every reading recorded primarily for this site (as opposed to cuts from CDs or readings originally done for radio, etc) will be eligible for inclusion in the AuthorsAloud podcast. Beyond that basic eligibility, factors such as the audio quality of the recording will help determine which readings get featured. The podcast will try to keep a balance between fiction and poetry, as well as old and new. In other words, the earliest contributors to AuthorsAloud won't be forgotten. In fact, the first reading featured on the AuthorsAloud podcast was from one of the first contributors — Merilyn Simonds.

You can help make the AuthorsAloud Podcast a success by subscribing to it on iTunes. If you have iTunes installed (yes, it's available for Windows too), just click on the podcasting image above and that will take you to the AuthorsAloud podcast page on iTunes. (You can also find the podcast by searching for it within iTunes.) Click on "subscribe" and you'll receive each new episode as it becomes available, whenever you launch iTunes. Please do subscribe: Remember, it costs nothing, and the more subscriptions the podcast gets, the more likely iTunes will be to feature the podcast and bring more attention to the authors featured on this site and to Canadian literature in general.

If you don't have and aren't likely to get iTunes, you can still subscribe to the podcast at Podcast Alley. To do that, go to the AuthorsAloud page by clicking here.
And once you've had a listen to the podcast episodes, let us know what you think.


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