Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kind words

AuthorsAloud received a nice reminder today that it serves a valuable purpose. Terri Ryan, a teacher at Caledonia High School in Terrace, BC, wrote to say this:

"Your website has become a routine part of my English 11 programme.  Once a week I click on the website, send it through the projector and turn up the volume to hear not just the readings but the insights from each of you.  One hundred and twenty students love your website!  We order books, we share them, and we critic them. We can fit three readings in one hour and students love to hear your voices.  As songwriters are to their songs, so the author is to the story. 
Love your Website!"

It's great to hear, and a spur to keep working toward the relaunch of AuthorsAloud, which will bring more authors, and more features. So stay tuned.


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